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Jessica. Reppin' USC. July baby! Home is where my heart is and thats the 808. Foodie. Colors. Music. Flowers. Kisses. Welsh Corgis. Car radios. Makeup. Piano. Bass clarinet! Smiles. Lace. Love. Sushi. Rain and water. Hair. Happiness. Boots. Cupcakes. Shoes. Daisies. Polaroids. Bubble Tea, milk tea please. Jurassic Park. Partying. Romance. Brownies. Texts. Cuddles.


BASIL SODA Bridal Collection 2014

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Anonymous asked: (;x I'm Amy. How long is your hair and would you post a pic of your hair straightened? love it <3 I will be trying to grow my hair like Rapunzel's hair, very long. You should too aim for a really long super cool look, that falls far down past your waist, while your hair is seriously stunning :)xxX Try not to cut though, just let it grow long and strong maximized... Don't eliminate beauty, your hair is your hair, never give it up. :)!!!X. I wish you the best!X<3xxx


Hi Amy!

I’m not sure how long my hair is, maybe 30 inches? Idk, I just measured using a really ghetto school ruler and I’m trying to be discreet since I’m in the library. If it’s any help, the longest pieces go to the small of my back, couple inches short of my butt crack! I don’t know if I can straighten my hair because I dont have an iron…but if it’s looking really flat one day I’ll try to remember to take a pic. 

Thanks for the well wishes but I intend to do with my hair as I please. For now I want it long, but maybe later I’ll cut it short! Good luck on your hair growth! Rapunzel is my fav Disney movie!  <3

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Anonymous asked: Your hair is finally getting long again! How long do you plan to grow it to?


Hoooo people like hair on this site…..I’m the Krystin rebound hahahah

I plan to grow it for this school year and maybe get it trimmed before the next. I don’t think I’ll go short anytime soon but who knows…I still have a dream of rocking an awesome pixie or bald head just to see if I can do it. 

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Anonymous asked: You're so cute! <3


Oh thank you! ^__^

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Anonymous asked: Picture of your current hair length?



Hair ya go!!! (GET IT LOLOLOL)

Goes down to my lower back!

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"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"

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Anonymous asked: picture of your hair?


Is this an old ask…or recent? I can’t tell…wish these were dated. 

I will work on that picture! I’m actually pretty proud of my hair since its been growing out nicely and I’ve been treating it well! :) 

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Abed Mahfouz Couture Spring Summer 2013

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Rami Al Ali Paris Fashion Week 2014

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